1- Construction & Equipment Installation:
Our many years of project management experience coupled with the years of installation experience allow us to provide our customers with the on-site electrical and mechanical services required to install and start-up any mechanical or electrical system
  • Construction Services including:
  • Compressors (Centrifugal, Reciprocating) & Turbo Generator, Pumps , Air Coolers, Towers &Vessels Erection and Installation.
   Starting From:
  • Sole Plate Leveling and Adjustment.
  • Anchor Bolts adjustment.
  • Compressor / Generator Leveling Skid.
  • Compressors/ Generator Alignment.
  • Oil Flushing.
  • Pump Erection, Leveling & Alignment.
  • Air Cooler Leveling, Alignment & Blade Pitch Angle Adjustment.
  • Towers & vessels internals installation.
  • Vibration Measurements, Analysis And Diagnostics
2- Provision of experienced technical staff:
(Mechanical / Electrical / Instruments/ Inspectors / …. engineers & Technicians )
3- Engineering Services
  • Engineering Studies & Consultations.
  • Design & Selection of Industrial Equipment
  • Review & comments for Engineering Documents starting from feed to as-built documentation.
  • Vibration Analysis and failure detection.
  • Non-Destructive Tests.
  • Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
4- Local and International Procurement services.
Industrial Equipments, Tools, Safety Products, Materials Handling Equipment, Welding Products, ..etc.  Our commitment has always been to exceed our customers expectations. We do this, by employing highly qualified people, who are very service oriented.
Construction and Equipment
Provision of experienced technical staff.
Engineering Services.
Local and International procurement.
Per Commissioning and Commissioning Services.
Start-up phase Services.
Maintenance consultation including.
Technical Training.
Fire alarm systems and security.
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