5- Pre commissioning &  Commissioning Services:
  • Pre-Commissioning Management
  • Providing Pre-Commissioning Specialist Leaders for all Disciplines to perform review of installation & punch list reports for:
    • Piping,
    • Fired Heaters, Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers, 
    • Pumps, Air Coolers, Compressors & Turbo Generators.
  • Commissioning & Test for Equipment & Consumables.
6- Start-up Phase Services:
  • Start-Up Activities.
  • Test-Runs.
7- Maintenance Consultation including:
  • Maintenance troubleshooting.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Failure analysis and reliability engineering.
  • Spare parts need analysis.
8-Technical Training:
We are working with organizations to close the gap between current workforce skills and the skills necessary for improved performance. We provide training for the following:
  1. On Job training for machinery equipment (gas turbines, compressors, diesel engines, pumps, motors, fans,…)  and for systems  (steam, compressed air, and heating systems,..)
  2. On job training for piping, valves, pressure vessels, towers,
  3. Vibration analysis , and condition monitoring on job training including using hardware & software tools for data collection, vibration analysis and problem detection & diagnosing. 
  4. Classroom training for mechanical, electrical , Instrument & control engineers and technicians.
  5. Providing training for new equipment installations that results in faster start up and sustained performance
  6. Alignment & balancing on job training.
  7. Workshop machines & tools  on job training.
  8. Welding Techniques and NDT
Construction and Equipment
Provision of experienced technical staff.
Engineering Services.
Local and International procurement.
Per Commissioning and Commissioning Services.
Start-up phase Services.
Maintenance consultation including.
Technical Training.
Fire alarm systems and security.
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