Telestar Previous Experience
P.P.C. Company
Crude oil pumping station in Sidi Kirir from 1984 to 1985 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT & FIRE ALARM)
S.O.P.C. Company
Refinery unit No.2 million tons crude oil in SUIZE from 1985 to 1986 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT)
WEPCO Company
Crude oil tank in El Hamra in ELHAMRA from 1986 to 1987 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT & FIRE ALARM)
Assuit Petroleum Co.
Assuit Refinery in Assuit from Nov 1987 to Aug 1988 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT)
WEPCO Company
Gas compressor & Utility in MADIA from 1990 to 1991 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT & FIRE ALARM)
Petroleum Company
Low Temperature GAS Separation Train 5&6 (L.T.S 5 & 6 & Gas  Train) in ABU - MADY from Jun 1990 to Jun 1990 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT & FIRE ALARM)
SUMED Company
No 2 Crude oil Tank’s 100,000 Tons (increasing Storage Capacity) in Sidi Kirir from Feb 1991 to Oct 1991 (ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENT)
El QARA GAS Plant in West Abu Quire Off Shore from June 1991 to Mar 1992 (FIRE ALARM)
Construction and Equipment
Provision of experienced technical staff.
Engineering Services.
Local and International procurement.
Per Commissioning and Commissioning Services.
Start-up phase Services.
Maintenance consultation including.
Technical Training.
Fire alarm systems and security.
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